About Sinclair

We craft inspired, affordable, modern spaces for people who dread the daily crawl out to the burbs. We believe you should love where you live, and we are passionate about the details that make each project unique. The inner-city is our domain. This is where we connect, where we work, and where we play. It is full of amazing talent and we want to help grow our community by sharing it with you.
Check out our work. We might just be the perfect fit.

Our Philosophy

“Homes that fit” is about finding balance. We all want to get more out of lives, and for some, that means less commuting and more living. It means appreciating the simple elegance of Modern wherein less is more — this is the embodiment of sustainability. We value quality craftsmanship, and believe we can fit that in too. We build homes for people who understand the joys of walking around the corner for groceries, a fresh coffee, and amazing local meals. We build for people who love the vibrant mix of the inner-city. At RNDSQR the emphasis is on living and on connecting, and we aim to create spaces where people can make it all fit.

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Andre is the President of Sinclair Signature Homes and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with many years in the commercial and residential building fields.
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